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9cm with Bone a silver coloured beads Turquoise

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Product Code:DC015TU

Product Dimensions and Weight

Product Length: 12.0000CM
Product Width: 15.0000CM
Product Height: 4.0000CM
Product Weight: 0.0600KG
9cm with bone and silver coloured beads Available in 4 colours
Please Choose a Colour:
9cm Dream catcher with white bone and silver bead accents plus 3 smaller circles attached with an approx length 35cm (12-14") comes in 4 colours .These small Dream Catchers come in a choice of 4 colours. The perfect small gift to give a dash of colour and to comfort and insure a restful sleep. Enclosed is the 'Legend of the Dream Catcher' to explain it's role in ensuring only good dreams.
We do have some Red and pink but limited quantities email us if you are interested